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Who can you trust to secure your networks and data?

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Following the Snowden revelations on widespread data interception by Western governments, the UK is set to pass an important law during the next 12 months.  The new law is the ‘investigatory powers bill’, which has been described as a ‘turbo-charged snooper’s charter.’   The law is expected to enable tracking of everyone’s web and social media use, and include powers to strengthen the security services’ powers for bulk interception of communications.

A major report on investigatory powers is being published today, which is expected to be a major influence on the upcoming legislation.  So what do these new powers mean for your company’s security?

At the time the news about Snowden became public, we published a statement about how Clavister is one of the few companies within the network security industry that can demonstrate complete freedom from any form of governmental control over its products.  That statement is as relevant today as it was then, and remains a guiding principle for our company.

Over the past couple of years, Clavister has received various queries asking if we have ever, or will ever, include backdoors in our solutions that can be accessed by external parties such as government agencies, for the purposes of monitoring or intercepting data traffic.

The answer is simple.  Clavister has not, and will not, leave backdoors in its solutions for any reason, regardless of the source of the request.  Customers can rely on Clavister solutions to protect their networks and data against all types of interception, hacking and attacks, whether from criminals or from state agencies.  Our only goal is to deliver superior protection, performance and enhanced functionality critical to meeting the security demands of the future.