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The end of ‘Big Iron’ security appliances for communication service providers: new guide

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As Communications Service Providers (CSPs) look to take advantage of the elastic scalability that virtualization offers, it’s critical that they build security into these new network environments, to protect their infrastructure and subscriber data against threats.

Gartner believes CSPs can anticipate Opex reductions of 60% and Capex reductions of 40%* with the adoption of SDN/NFV infrastructures, as well as introduce valuable new services such as Software-Defined WAN and virtual CPEs. Gartner also claims CSPs looking to deliver new digital services and service enhancements, such as on-demand virtual VPN services for enterprises, will find that SDN and NFV can drive robust revenue from these sources, thanks to vastly improved operational efficiency and service innovation.  Telecommunications is already a heavily saturated marketplace, so savvy players will be looking for every opportunity to use technology to get ahead.

The transition to these dynamic SDN/NFV environments has already started:  through to 2018, over 70% of CSPs will have conducted proof of concept projects on NFV and SDN, and more than 50% will move toward implementation in order to remain competitive.

However, there are still challenges in doing this.  The traditional ‘big iron’ physical security appliances that CSPs currently rely on lack the flexibility and scalability needed for virtualized infrastructures.  This acts as a drag on innovation and can lead to security gaps emerging.  So how do CSPs secure their new virtualized environments so they can enjoy the full benefits of the environments’ flexibility and scalability?

To help CSPs and network operators understand the challenges, we have produced a new guide looking at how CSPs can securely migrate their networks to SDN and NFV.

The Clavister guide:  ‘Virtualized security – the end of Big Iron’, together with the Gartner Market Insight: ‘Key Strategic Implications for CSPs’ CTO, CIO and CMO to Consider When Planning SDN and NFV’, highlights how CSPs can deliver and maintain security as they migrate to SDN / NFV environments.  It shows how they can overcome the challenges of maintaining performance and scalability, network interoperability, and supporting core applications while ensuring a smooth migration path and scalability from proof-of-concept to commercial deployments.  It also highlights how CSPs and operators can be more agile, growing their network in a seamless, elastic way with security at every point, while simultaneously enjoying significant ongoing cost savings.

Find out more and download the guide here.