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Real security for virtualized mobile network infrastructures

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Mobile network operators (MNOs) and carriers are embracing virtualization technologies, as part of an overall shift from inflexible hardware-based architectures to nimbler, faster, more scalable virtualized deployments.  As well as changing the way that networks are designed, built and managed, virtualized infrastructures make it easier, quicker and cheaper for carriers to adjust key performance characteristics, implement new connections and new routes – a topic covered in this article, published by Vanilla+  from our CTO, John Vestberg.

MNOs also need greater flexibility to cope with the explosion in mobile data traffic, which has been driven by demand for streaming media services and a rapidly increasing amount of IoT devices.  According to analysts, data traffic in mobile networks grew by 74% during 2015 and is expected to increase five-fold by 2020. During the same period the number of IoT devices is expected to grow from around 6 billion to 21 billion – all of which places immense pressure on MNO to rapidly scale up their network infrastructures to meet these demands for capacity.

But what about securing these agile, flexible virtualized networks against attack and data interception?  Until recently, delivering this protection has been only been possible with proprietary, expensive and inflexible ‘big iron’ hardware appliances, which restrict network flexibility and scalability.

However, Clavister has introduced a solution with its new fully virtualized, carrier-grade security operating system, which is purpose-designed to enable MNOs to protect their networks at every point without compromising scalability and data throughput, and without the costs of traditional, ‘big iron’ hardware appliances.  It includes all the features required to deliver a wide range of security protections on mobile networks, including 4G/5G Backhaul Security, Core Security (with Gi/SGi Firewalling), Domain Security as well as Roaming Security.  Find out more about the latest version of our cOS Stream solution here.