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Pure jean-ius: Clavister’s next-generation firewalls deliver security for MUSTANG

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MUSTANG is one of the largest jeans and casual clothing manufacturers in Europe. Founded in the 1930s in Germany as a denim and lifestyle brand, it was the first European provider of jeans. It has grown into a Europe-wide business, with around 80 shops and 15 showrooms and offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland and Hungary.

Now, Clavister is delighted to announce that MUSTANG relies on our security appliances to secure connections and communications between its head office in Künzelsau, Germany, and almost 100 shops and branch office locations across Europe.

To keep MUSTANG’s operations running smoothly, all of its disparate branches need to be able to send information from their on-premise business systems to the company data center at the head office – every day. This might be data relating to sales, marketing, customer care, working hours, HR matters and so on.

However, the company’s previous firewall solution was causing problems. The VPN connections between the MUSTANG branches and the head office would frequently fail, and it took a long time to re-establish them. Managing the firewalls was also cumbersome; the IT team had little central overview of the status of each firewall, which meant that system administrators spent a lot of time managing specific configurations at individual branches.

Enter Clavister. Our next-generation firewalls are based on our own proprietary operating system, which means they have no backdoors whatsoever. What’s more, they offer complete centralized management via the Clavister InControl platform, which gives a user-friendly means of managing the entire IT infrastructure.

Around 80 Clavister firewall appliances have now been deployed across the MUSTANG infrastructure, structured as a high-availability cluster.  An enterprise-grade appliance has been installed at the MUSTANG head office, while branch office firewalls have been installed across the shops and offices. These branch office firewalls are connected to the main head office via secure VPN tunnels.

The results? MUSTANG now enjoys highly reliable and secure VPN connections between its head office and its shops and showrooms, and has significantly enhanced its work processes as a result. Its connections are no longer failing, slowing up the transmission of information, and it has the peace of mind that information in transit is far better protected from malicious cyberattack. Its system administrators now have a centralized, comprehensive view of the overall firewall infrastructure, and can manage and control it from just a single console.

Security and simple management – now that’s a work of jean-ius.