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itSoft delivers security-as-a-service with Clavister

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We have recently extended our partnership with itSoft, a leading ISP and cloud managed services provider in Croatia.  itSoft is using our next-generation firewalls to secure its own data centers, and deliver a suite of managed security services to customers in central Europe. itSoft is offering its customers a range of service options based on Clavister solutions, from firewall-only to firewall with IPS, bandwidth management, application control, and so on.  Customers can build their own security-as-a-service (SECaaS) package which can be updated and changed to meet current requirements, paying only for the services that they deploy. Vedran Vujasinović, itSoft’s Chief Information Security Officer, said: “As we deliver hosted solutions to our …

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Clavister introduces its new blog

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Welcome to our brand new blog – Clavister is a network security vendor delivering a full range of network security solutions for both physical and virtualized environments. Our network security solutions are used by a wide range of organizations throughout the world, including mobile and network security solutions for large enterprises, cloud service providers and telecom operators. Our product portfolio demonstrates world-class performance, flexibility and robustness. We continue to innovate and pioneer new and exciting areas in network security. Our Clavister product line is available both as hardware appliances and virtual appliances. Each appliance series offers the same award-winning Clavister functionality and gives you the ultimate choice in selecting the right network …

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Gemalto: An Uneasy Sense of Deja vu

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Following the recent revelation that NSA and the British GCHQ hacked into leading digital security company Gemalto, potentially stealing millions of SIM card encryption keys, the IT Security and comms industry could be forgiven for feeling a strong sense of déjà vu. Less than two years since the initial Snowden leaks, the news should perhaps should come as no surprise, but once again businesses globally were left asking just exactly who was targeting their data. While ‘lawful interception’, that is a well-documented, clearly traceable process with a legal basis and that offers no surprises, has always been accepted, the uncovering of widespread state sponsored hacks and surveillance has led to …