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Mobile security matters – securing 4G & LTE networks

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Just under a year ago, research shared by analyst Heavy Reading showed that 47% of mobile network operators in developed markets (the USA, Western Europe, Japan, Australia) experienced two or more network outages or degradation events, lasting over an hour, based on malicious attacks by external parties.

That’s a significant amount of downtime, which in turn causes loss of revenues as well as loss of subscriber trust.  It highlights just how critical security is in protecting networks against emerging attack vectors – especially as MNOs migrate from 2G and 3G to next-generation 4G/LTE networks, to boost performance and capacity and increase their subscriber coverage.

Moving to all-IP 4G / LTE architectures, and adding Wi-Fi access from untrusted public hotspots also exposes mobile networks to the risk of data breaches, denial of service attacks and other vectors that can compromise subscribers’ data and create disruption.

To help mitigate these risks, and to deliver the most effective security without compromising network performance and reliability, we’ve introduced the Unified Telecom Security appliance P80.   The P80 is a rack-mountable, 2U-high solution offers up to 120Gbps firewall throughput and 40Gbps VPN performance, with a high density of 10GbE interfaces supporting up to 30 million concurrent connections. It enables MNOs to consolidate their 4G/LTE security estates, reducing complexity and cutting the cost and management overheads of using point solutions from multiple vendors.

With it, MNOs can:

  • Protect backhaul traffic in LTE networks with IPsec encryption and firewalling at scale, to secure data traffic from cell sites to the network core
  • Secure mobile networks from threats and attacks targeting the GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX) network, protecting MNOs against costly security incidents such as DoS attacks, privacy intrusions and overbilling attacks
  • Deliver secure data offloading from radio networks onto low-cost WiFi networks

Find out more about the advanced P80 here.