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Marbach Group secures its global network scalably with Clavister

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The Marbach Group, a leading manufacturer of large packaging materials headquartered in Germany, has deployed Clavister next-generation firewalls to secure its global IT network.

Working with its German IT consultancy and system integrator Stainczyk & Partners, Marbach has deployed Clavister firewalls in High Availability (HA) clusters, implementing two highly scalable appliances in a multistage installation at every Marbach site.

Clavister was chosen as its solutions deliver high-performance, scalable security, enabling Marbach to respond to its changing requirements according to the company’s needs with centralized control by its IT team.

“In addition to the good price-performance ratio and the easy management of the Clavister appliances we were impressed by the wide range of update options,” said Gregory Dunica, Head of IT Marbach. “The Clavister solution offers excellent scalability via the Software Subscription which enables us to utilise additional product license updates to meet any future performance increases we require. This enables us to multiply the VPN, IPSec or plaintext throughput without additional investment. We have been very impressed by the expertise and support that we have received from both Stainczyk & Partners and Clavister.”

The Marbach Group was founded in 1923 and is headquartered in Heilbronn, operating internationally with 1,300 employees worldwide.  In addition to tools for packaging production and equipment and materials for production support it produces tools for a wide range of services.