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Joining forces to protect the Internet of Things

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Being at the cutting edge of technological development and working closely with partners to drive innovation has always been a top priority for Clavister – especially in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.  We’re one of the founding and contributing partners for Intel’s IoT Innovation Centre in Stockholm, which opened in 2014.

The ever-expanding IoT is changing the technology industry at an amazing pace. The analyst IHS has predicted that the number of devices connected to the IoT ecosystem will grow from 15.4 billion in 2015 to an enormous 30.7 billion in 2020. It’s no surprise, then, that organizations across a range of sectors are joining forces and collaborating to better secure this fast-growing landscape against malware, hacking and data interception.

These alliances are targeting specific areas in which the IoT is expected to play increasingly major roles.  For example, the Thread Group and the Open Connectivity Foundation recently announced two new IoT alliances specifically focused on ‘the connected home’.  The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) was launched in 2015 to support interaction between various players across Europe.  GE has ploughed resources into supporting Predix, a system specifically for industrial organizations. And so it goes on.

And Clavister has recently joined a major IoT alliance – the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance.  This comprises hundreds of companies globally, producing everything from modular components to full, market-ready systems – all aiming to help organizations enjoy the scalability and flexibility of the IoT without incurring risks to their networks or data.  Alliance members are able to collaborate closely with Intel, and each other, enabling each member to innovate with the latest IoT technologies.

Clavister’s advanced security solutions can be integrated onto the smart devices that make up the very fabric of the IoT, protecting them and the applications and data they process against attack and interception. This foundation of strong security is crucial for other organizations to build on, enabling them to focus on key business functions without the steep learning curve and technical expertise they need for in-house security development.  Our security solutions enable a whole range of key processes, from data collection and decision-making to process automation and control system functions. In other words, by taking advantage of Clavister’s advanced protections, other alliance members can focus on developing IoT technologies that make businesses work better, faster, more cost-effectively and more creatively.

The rapid growth of the IoT is a hugely exciting time for businesses worldwide. It’s opening the door to innovation, enabling companies to develop a massive range of smart, connected devices.  It’s also enabling organizations to work more flexibly, by keeping employees, customers, partners and suppliers more connected than ever before.  But securing the explosion in these devices is a huge challenge, as cybercriminals get ever more sophisticated in targeting them.  Malware and ransomware is continually evolving, while more connected devices means more potentially vulnerable targets for exploitation – as we’ve seen in recent cyberattacks which have harnessed the IoT.  The IoT needs security that is actually embedded in the connected devices themselves to create distributed but secure environments.  Clavister is proud to be one of the leaders in meeting this challenge, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with Intel to deliver the advanced, flexible solutions that will protect the growing Internet of Things.