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Defending against DDoS attacks – knowing the enemy’s location

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We have posted recently about how a new feature coming to Clavister gateways will help organisations to defend against and mitigate the impact of damaging DDoS attacks.  The new feature, GeoIP, creates a constantly-updated ‘heat map’ of where traffic arriving at the firewall or gateway originates from, giving IT and security teams a real-time, highly visual overview of the traffic volumes hitting their network.  This helps them to quickly identify any unnatural traffic patterns that could signal the start of a denial-of-service attack.

If a DDoS attack is detected, the organization’s IT team can simply use the GeoIP feature to configure the security gateway to block the originating IP addresses in real time – effectively switching off the attack, and enabling websites and services to continue functioning.

The leading portal Information Security Buzz has published our article which looks in detail at how organisations can defend against DDoS attempts, using a range of techniques including GeoIP.  Stay tuned to Clavister news for more detail on when GeoIP will be available.