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Clavister’s new OS boosts high-end appliance performance 500%

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At the end of 2015, we introduced the latest update to our cOS Stream multi-core security operating system designed for telecom providers, which enhances the VPN performance of our physical and virtual appliances by up to 500% compared to previous releases.

The new version of cOS Stream uses Intel Quick Assist acceleration technology to achieve market-leading VPN performance on our appliances, achieving up to 40 Gbps IPSec performance, putting it well out in front of competitors.

Key features of the new cOS Stream include:

· Market leading VPN Performance – 40 Gbps IPSec performance on a single virtual appliance running on low-cost and COTS hardware.

· NFV/SDN Capabilities – fully virtualized software with support for the latest innovations from Intel, including SR-IOV, Quick Assist and more.

· Multi-platform ready – cOS Stream runs on both purpose-built hardware and leading hypervisor platforms such as KVM and VMWare.

“Achieving 40 Gbps of IPSec throughput on a virtual appliance running on top of relatively low-cost hardware is a major milestone and will give us and our partners a unique position in the Telecom/LTE market,” said John Vestberg, CTO at Clavister, “We’ve made great strides forward in serving the telecom sector over the past year, and this new version of our operating system provides us with an enhanced offering for the telco market, putting us in a strong position to gain solid market-share.”

The new cOS Stream version underlines Clavister’s leadership in the telco sector.  In 2015 we signed a software license agreement with a leading Telco Equipment Vendor to deliver software-based security solutions. Agreements have also been signed with the military (telecom) and emergency services sectors, based on the same platform. We also recently announced a collaboration with our partner Artesyn Embedded Technologies launching the Centellis® Security Edition platform. The platform utilises Clavister solutions to enable carriers to dramatically lower the cost of developing, deploying and running virtual and cloud-based security gateways on telecom networks.

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