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Clavister & Nokia Networks collaborate on next-generation security for mobile networks

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We have announced a strategic partnership with Nokia Networks,  one of the world’s top three infrastructure vendors serving the majority of the largest global telecoms operators, to develop and deliver advanced, virtualized security solutions for telcos and mobile network operators (MNOs).

With an estimated one billion devices on 4G LTE networks by 2017, security is a huge concern for MNOs.  However, less than half of all LTE cell sites support encryption, leaving subscriber traffic vulnerable to interception.  This highlights the need for stronger, flexible mobile network security.   It’s also estimated that 72% of MNOs will have incorporated NFV into their commercial networks by 2018, and 80% will be utilising SDN in the same time frame.

As such, it will become critical to operators’ business that they have solutions to securely maximise the uptime of their virtual networks. We look forward to working with Nokia Networks to integrate our security solutions into the Nokia NetGuard family, to protect both network infrastructure and subscriber data against the risks of cyberattacks and interception.

Giuseppe Targia, Nokia’s vice president of business unit Security & IoT said: “An integration of virtual and physical security appliances under common security management that supports the flexibility and the mobility of telco cloud applications is imperative.  Clavister provides a virtualized security system, allowing separation and access control  for  virtual machines and virtual networks inside Cloud environments.”