Mattias Nordlund

Reporting coming to Clavister InControl

In Blog post by Mattias Nordlund

Reporting is a new feature that will be integrated and included in Clavister InControl version 1.50 which will be available later this summer. This new reporting feature will allow you to generate informative reports using our predefined reports, or fully customised reports to suit your specific needs. It will give you as an administrator a good view into what is happening in your networks and give you the ability to share this information with users and customers in an easy and powerful way.


  • Multiple pre-defined reports
  • Powerful report design tool where you can create your own reports and define and customise each report section with
    • Section Title, Body Text, Graphs, Log Analyzer Query and Filters
  • Possibility to customise the reports with your own logo and graphical profile
  • Re-use your already created Log Analyzer Queries
  • Output reports in PDF or HTML

Included with Clavister CPS and CSS

The new reporting feature is integrated into InControl without extra cost. For the reporting feature to work, the Clavister firewalls sending the logs must be covered by a valid Clavister Product Subscription (CPS) or Clavister Security Subscription (CSS).