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Clavister exhibits with Canon ITS at Japan’s largest IT exhibition

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We’re exhibiting together with Canon IT Solutions at IST, Japan’s largest information security exhibition, in Tokyo from May 11 – 13.  Canon IT Solutions will be showcasing demonstrate three Clavister soluions, the E80, the W30 and W20 Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) appliances, which deliver enterprise-grade network security to branch and smaller offices.

Part of Japan IT Week, the country’s largest IT show, IST is a key event for risk and security management professionals and those who work in information systems, corporate planning, audit and legal affairs. Japan’s IT security market is the second largest in the world, forecast to grow from $4 billion to $10 billion by 2020.

“IST is the leading information security event in Japan, so it is a high-profile platform to showcase  our partnership with Canon ITS and our leading security solutions,” said Jim Carlsson  CEO at Clavister, “We have enjoyed a great start to our partnership with Canon ITS, developing a healthy pipeline of sales activity, and we are encouraged by the early successes in the Japanese market, which we see as an important one for our future growth strategy. We fully expect to see this interest grow as we continue to invest in marketing with Canon ITS and receive more exposure to the market at events such as ITS.”

Earlier this year the companies announced that they had made significant progress in the Japanese IT security market, resulting in an order from Canon ITS, worth 1.9 million SEK for Clavister’s solutions.  Canon ITS recently announced its sales partner Startia has also decided to deploy Clavister W20 and E80 appliances to support its GateCare managed security service.  Further orders are in the pipeline.