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Clavister chosen to secure NTTBP’s country-wide WiFi network in Japan

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NTTBP, the Japanese provider of carrier-grade, highly customized WiFi services, has chosen Clavister and its integrator partner MIRAIT to implement security on NTTBP’s extensive public Wi-Fi network which has over 220,000 access points across Japan.  It delivers high-density WiFi in stadiums and convention centers as well as a range of value-added services, and can be accessed using NTTBP’s free Japan Connected-free WiFi app, available from both Apple’s and Google’s app stores.

To build the country-wide network, NTTBP partnered with dozens of Japanese municipalities (including Hiroshima and Kanazawa), retailers such as Seven-Eleven Japan and Bic Camera, and transport providers such as All Nippon Airways and Narita Airport.

WiFi is recognized as a key part of national infrastructure in Japan and one of the fundamental broadband networks, such as optical fiber internet access and LTE internet access. It has also evolved to become an essential social foundation providing not only LTE traffic offload, but also a range of value-added services for enterprise and public sectors over high quality WiFi. With the 2020 Olympics fast approaching, NTTBP wanted to achieve agility and elastic scale in order to deliver fast, efficient Wi-Fi across huge venues and even cities to accommodate the massive influx of tourists and media the events will bring.

Furthermore, LTE traffic has been rapidly growing across the country, and this is only expected to increase as the Internet of Things (IoT) develops. Japan is already one of the top four global LTE markets, with over 90 million LTE subscriptions. As LTE traffic continues to expand, NTTBP needs to be able to offload some of it to its high performance WiFi networks in order to optimize LTE performance.

By implementing web filtering and managing bandwidth usage, Clavister’s technology has given spectators and participants with secure, high-performance access to WiFi. This points the way to delivery of large-scale wireless networks for smart cities, delivering secure online services to citizens.

The company’s solutions are already being used to secure some of the world’s largest outdoor WiFi networks, such as the 2015 World Ski Championships and sporting arenas in Sweden. They’re  highly scalable solutions and will enable NTTBP to roll out new value-added services and generate new revenue streams across its network – all while retaining absolutely visibility and control. What’s more, they can be integrated quickly and effectively with NTTBP’s network infrastructure.

NTTBP chose to work with Clavister as, out of all of the companies they evaluated, they could deliver the fastest service as LTE traffic loads continue to increase and NTTBP continues to develop its services. NTTBP is particularly concerned with enhancing user’s mobile internet experience, especially in areas of dense population. The scalability of our solution gives it the capability to secure country-wide WiFi networks, enabling the provision of resources and public services to subscribers and tourists – making it a truly Olympic-sized project.