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Clavister adds a new Wolf to the pack, and boosts security performance across the range

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We’ve announced a key new addition to our Wolf series of next-generation firewalls, with the launch of the Clavister W50, which addresses the growing security and performance demands of large data centers, managed service providers and enterprises.

The W50 delivers firewall performance of up to 55Gbps, with 8Gbps VPN throughput and supports up to 8 million concurrent connections.  Its 4 module slots can be populated with the Clavister Expansion Modules that are available in different port-configurations.  This ensures that the W50 aligns seamlessly with network transformation and growing needs for capacity, which are typical requirements in larger data centers and service provider networks.

The W50 runs on Clavister’s new operating system, cOS Core version 11.00, which delivers performance levels up to 600% higher than previous versions. Key benefits of the new OS include a multi-core architecture with interface poll offloading that boosts plaintext performance by up to 100%;  Intel QuickAssist crypto-accelerator improving VPN performance by up to 500%; and high-performance ALG with HTTP inspection increasing WCF performance by up to 300%       300%    .

What’s more, this performance upgrade is available for all existing Clavister customers with supported products including E80, W20 and W30.  Contact your local Clavister sales representative for further information about how Clavister cOS Core version 11.00 will boost performance on specific Clavister products.