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A more competitive edge: Clavister partners with Aptilo for edge computing

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One of the major challenges of the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT) for businesses is the question of how to deal with the rapid growth of endpoint devices in a typical enterprise IT architecture. Latency and bandwidth limitations mean that applications with real-time requirements are increasingly likely to fail, because traditional architectures simply cannot cope with the increased demands.

This is where ‘edge computing’ comes in. It’s a way of meeting these increased networking demands by providing data, applications and services locally or at the network edge using SDN/NFV technologies. From a security point of view, this means moving services like intelligent policy enforcement to the network edge.

Now, Clavister has partnered with Aptilo Networks, a leading provider of carrier-class systems to manage mobile data services, to enable fully secure Wi-Fi and IoT services at the network edge.  Aptilo’s Service Management Platform (SMP) manages Wi-Fi services for 100+ carriers worldwide, offering advanced integration to operators’ core systems, so by working closely with them we can help showcase a truly next-generation IoT architecture worldwide.

Like Clavister, Aptilo is a Swedish-headquartered company and is part of the infrastructure in Intel’s IoT Ignition Lab in Kista, just outside Stockholm. We even share some customers already – Aptilo works with NTT-Broadband Platform (NTTPC) in Japan, with whom Clavister recently announced a major project to secure its country-wide Wi-Fi network.

Working together, Clavister and Aptilo will develop solutions that ensure end users wishing to connect IoT-enabled devices to corporate networks will enjoy top-quality user experience alongside integrated threat protection and secure authentication on a network level.  With the exciting new possibilities offered by IoT devices and ever-expanding corporate networks, edge computing is the answer for increased service differentiation coupled with great user experience and integrated security.  We’re delighted to be partnering with a company that shares our creative and boundary-pushing outlook.